Aware of the need for collaboration to achieve creative goals, Duco lab. was founded in 2008, in Mexico City, as a Laboratory for Multidisciplinary Design.

It was proposed as an open space for the development, planning, and production of innovative pieces characterized by a balance among innovation, design, engineering, technology, and fabrication with Mexican manufacturing. It provides solutions and materializes avant-garde projects. Its identity is based on the use of diverse materials, fused with processes that go from industrial to artisanal.

Its cooperative personality has generated close collaborations with various studios all united by a desire to both produce and transcend Mexican design.

The internally designed product lines represent the multidisciplinary team’s passion to transform coexisting elements into a natural environment and to adapt them to a new space that can generate a tangible link with its user.

Ducolab grows and evolves along with and for each project. It is the result of a harmony of efforts and ideas that each person gives to the team. The wealth of ideas provided by our collaborators motivates us to look for better growth opportunities and markets that embody challenges for everyone–individually and as a whole. The objective is for each member to continue developing their potential while helping to provide a unique multidisciplinary experience.

Longinos González Director General

Uri Mares Director de Operaciones

Andrea Ortega Directora Creativa

Daniela López Project Manager

Vannia Becerril Planeación

Arcelia Cruz Finanzas

Edgar Cruz Supervisor de Producción

Adriana Rosales Analista de Planeación

Verónica Sánchez Recursos Humano

Karen Guerrero Líder de Proyecto

Carlos García Líder de Proyecto

Tania Yllanez Líder de Proyecto

Carmen Hernández Diseño Gráfico

Montserrat Ramírez Analista de Compras

Daniela Jurado Recepcionista