Menguante is composed of a series of pieces of ambient lighting with a shape inspired by the moon phase known as “Old Moon”. It is a phase only seen at dawn, above the aurora, before the sun rises completely. This stage represents change; it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of the path towards new experiences.

This holds particular significance for Ducolab, as 2018 marked our tenth year of production and laid the foundations for a new facet within our studio. These pieces commemorate the experiences acquired in that time and also mark the beginning of a new stage filled with collaborations with our colleagues, as well as an exploration of new processes and materials.

We counted on the contribution of the whole team, with each having a hand in the development and manufacture of the pieces. We sought to work with both contemporary and traditional processes and materials, integrating both into the same formal language.

For the contemporary portion, Magma was used, a material developed in Monterrey by C-37, whose formula is conceived as a liquid stone, allowing casting in molds to generate complex yet light shapes while maintaining both strength and durability. For the traditional portion, a piece of blown glass, handcrafted in the workshop of Oaxaca’s Parallel Glass Studio, was used.

Menguante was presented in:

2019 New York, Wanted Design
2018 Territorio Creativo